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The new version of PRATIKA 56 MPE X2 is the product of careful attention to market requirements with the purpose of proposing a technologically advanced and at the same time versatile and “user- friendly” heat shrink packaging machine. Enhanced with strong electronic, mechanical and technological contents, the new PRATIKA 56 MPE X2 heat shrink packaging machine, suitable for operation on both sides thanks to its double hatch, represents a perfect synthesis of reliability, high performance, versatility and safety, bringing a new standard to the way of conceiving automatic packaging machines with heat-shrink film.

Replay 55 EVO

The REPLAY evo range offers more basic products, yet with the same high quality. Equipped with new cutting-edge and exclusive systems, it is the most competitive offer of the new minipack®-torre chamber machines. REPLAY 55 evo combines significant technological content with a basic and compact shape in order to aim at substance without losing sight of excellence, a characteristic common to all machines made by minipack®-torre.

Sleeve wrapper HS 70 – 1R

The new series of Minipack-torre sleeve wrappers stands out for the great versatility of the models offered combining efficiency, reliability and high performance. The HS - 70 1R sleeve wrappers package single or multi-row products with polyethylene film for the most diverse types of goods, such as sugar bags, cans of food preserves, cylindrical and rectangular shaped bottles, cases, etc. In this specific line of automatic sleeve wrappers, product loading involves a conveyor system of the groups of product which makes the production of the bundle much faster.