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ONE WRAP PLUS Semi-automatic stretch wrapper

SIAT One wrap Plus is the new Siat machine that will allow you to maximize the results of your wrapping activity. Thanks to the icons on the control panel it is extremely quick to set a complete wrapping program that will optimize the film applied to all the different SKU you might need to wrap. This is not the only “Plus” of the machine: it has a very robust structure and the guarantee of a 2400 kg maximum weight for the platform (excluding HSD platform). Your business would be purchasing a reliable and high quality device! Moreover, with up to 10 customizable wrapping programs that can be recorded, the operator will only have to program the OnewrapPlus once, and then simply recall the desired wrapping program from the control panel when required.

SK20 Semi-Automatic Case Sealer with Manual Adjustment

SK20 represents the perfect solution for your semi-automatic packaging line. The concept, with the double top and bottom drive belts, allows the control of the carton box also during the incoming process before sealing. Thanks to the robust dual masts frame and to the primary level of the machine components, the historical reliability of SIAT machines is fully guaranteed. The easy plug&play mode and the fast-removable taping head help the customer to save time efficiently during set-up and maintenance operations.